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Season 2013.2014

La Casa del Tango is a multicultural Tango space located in north-eastern Paris , near the Buttes Chaumont Park. Here, you find the tango in all its forms (dance, music, photo, art, and more). La Casa is much more than a dance school: it has become a place for cultural exchanges, artistic expression, teaching and learning.

When you enter La Casa, it feels immediately like home. It is intimate (70 m 2 - non-smoking), with a comfortable and colourful decor. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere, where, very quickly, you feel welcome.

The concept is original: La Casa is a place where you can learn, dance, listen to, admire and even play the tango yourself.

I will be pleased to invit you and make you discover this unique and intimiste place in Paris.

Frédérique Behar


La Casa del Tango offers 10 classes per week, with 7 different teachers. The Tango classes goes from Septembre to June. You can enroll throughout the year See Planning


La Casa del Tango is the only place where you can dance in the afternoonduring the week.

2 Milongas every week :
Tuesday & Friday > Thé Tango - from 4pm to 7pm

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La Casa del Tango regularly organises tango acoustic-only concerts.
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Regularly, La Casa invites artists (photographers, painters, etc.) to expose their work around the tango.


You can find a wide range of Tango SHOES, handmade in Buenos Aires by a Franco-Argentine designer: Sylvie Geronimi
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More about Dance

La Casa fills a niche with afternoon-only dancing. The dance floor is busy, the atmosphere playful. It's a place where regulars gather, newcomers meet and visitors have fun.

Above all, at Les Salons de La Casa, you find:

•  A space with a personnel touch: It is a non-smoking area, warm and comfortable with a colourful decor. A couch, some candles, tango pictures on the feels just like home!

•  A dance floor that will inspire your dancing: The wooden floor with facing mirrors provides the space to practice, to train or just to dance freely and at your own pace, whatever your level.

•  A warm atmosphere: Here, people meet, talk and smile to each other. You are easily recognised and invited to dance, whether you come alone or with a partner.

•  Quality music: I carefully chose the music myself to respect the dancers, their rhythm and their energy. My goal is to provide a real ballroom atmosphere, where harmony reigns on the dance floor. I mix traditional tangos with more contemporary ones, adding surprises from time to time (not necessary tango), all meant to inspire your dance.

•  A varied choice of music: It is consistent and builds up gradually, providing a continual invitation to dance.

More about Music

La Casa del Tango regularly organises tango concerts. Inseparable from the dance, music occupies an important place in La Casa del Tango. Care is taken in its selection, presentation quality and teaching. Today the ball has become an opportunity for artistic expression, where one finds music and dance in close harmony.

The place to dance is also a place to listen, opening up a real communication between the public and the artists. Those concerts aim to:

•  Promote the repertoire of musicians and rising tango bands, which are becoming more and more numerous in Paris .

•  Allow non-dancers to discover the tango.


La Casa del Tango | Direction : Frédérique Behar
11, allée Darius Milhaud, 75019 Paris (croisement des rues Manin et Crimée)
Mo Ourcq | Tél. : 01 40 40 73 60 | Mail : | Site :